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Peixe Verde

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Technical Tasks
 Floating Laboratory
Ideas contest
Ideas contest
The awards or the ideas contest have been given to 10 participants. The special price was 10.000 €

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MICINN Financing
Project Peixe Verde with reference number PSE-370300-2006-1, has been financed by the Science an Innovation Ministry.

Project co-financed by the European Union


The jury is composed by recognized experts of the energy, naval and fishing sector. Between the displayed ideas, they have awarded the following ones:


Proposal: Juan Pedrosa Luna

The swell energy and the energy produced by the swinging of the boat would be gathered on board with the Dynamo of piston system installed on the boat. This system transforms the displacement of a permanent magnet inside a tube equipped with an electrical winding, in electrical energy. This energy would be stored in batteries witch provide the electric energy supply consumed on board.


Idea 2. Trigeneración in fishing boats

Proposal: Jesus M. Cillero Ares

The trigeneration energy idea (to take advantage of the residual heat and to generate cold with absorption cycles) could be applied in all the boats that have motors with internal combustion, by means, all the fishing boats. Cost reduction will be obtained for new construction boats when appliying this technology.



Proposal: Jaume Esteve Tintó

This idea proposes the use of the present experience in micro generators based on micro and nanotechnologies to obtain the electricity from the movements of the boat caused by the waves.

The electricity generation is made with a hermetic system composed by an electromagnetic micro generators matrix. This is a low cost system, witch does not need any maintenance.




  • PREMIO ESPECIAL:  10.000€
  • DIEZ PREMIOS: 1.000€

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The  Problem   Options   Objective    The Project   History   News    Documents   Ideas contest

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