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Technical Tasks
 Floating Laboratory
Ideas contest
Ideas contest
The awards or the ideas contest have been given to 10 participants. The special price was 10.000 €

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MICINN Financing
Project Peixe Verde with reference number PSE-370300-2006-1, has been financed by the Science an Innovation Ministry.

Project co-financed by the European Union


The ascent of the price of the petroleum, makes difficult the viability for the fishing Spanish sector, for long and medio term if there are not modifications in the vessels to consume less energy and/or the source of energy changes.

The contest is promoved by IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Energetic saving of Industry Ministry), by The Education and Science Ministry, and by CETPEC (Celeiro Fisheries Technological Centre); CETPEC as responsable of organization.

The entities that support the Project Peixe Verde, with this contest try to get new people and investigation groups to join the Consotium, and also they reward the best ideas in the field.

You can download the bases of the contest as well as the inscription form:

Deadlines and terms
2 January 2007 First term for ideas presentation is opened
12 February 2007 First term is closed and second is opened
12 March 2007 Deadline  for the evaluación of judges for ideas received in the first term
14 May 2007 Second term for ideas presentaion is closed
14 June 2007 Deadline for the second evaluation of judges.
15 October 2007 Deadline to selectionate the idea that deserves the Special Award

Verdict of the Jury on First deadline.

After an exhaustive examination of the displayed ideas, the jury has decided to award two of the prizes in game, valued in 1,000 € each one.

Winning ideas

All the organizers of the competition, CETPEC, IDEA, MEC and the members of the jury, we enormously thank to all the contestants for their participation.

However, we remind that there are still 20,000 € left in prizes, including and Special prize valued in 10,000 €.

We encourage presenting more initiatives until the second deadline that finish in May 14th. You can send the ideas by mail or by post.

To the non awarded contestant, we also encourage you to take advantage of your previous effort and apply again for the second phase. This is a new opportunity to contribute extended information, technical and economical viability reports and examples of real applications. In addition, new ideas could also be presented.

Verdict of the Jury on second deadline.

During the second phase of the competition, the jury of the First ideas competition called “Peixe Verde” grants three more prizes to new ideas to reduce the energy consumption in fishing boats.

Winning ideas

The awarded ideas have been selected to combine innovation and real possibilities of application.

The organizers of this competition also are interested in gaining partners that join the “Peixe Verde” consortium to collaborate with this project.

With these three prizes and two more awarded in the first deadline, 5,000 € in prizes are granted, and a special prize of 10,000 € will be added and given before 15th of October of 2007.

The jury is composed by recognized experts of the energy, naval and fishing sector.




  • SPECIAL AWARD:  10.000€
  • TWELVE AWARDS: 1.000€

You can contact us for more information by e-mail:





The  Problem   Options   Objective    The Project   History   News    Documents   Ideas contest

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